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As a professional, I have written an article on “what are the various forms of illegal agreements”.

Illegal agreements are agreements that are not legally binding. They are agreements that don`t comply with the legal requirements or violate the law. There are different types of illegal agreements, including:

1. Agreements to commit a crime: If two or more parties make an agreement to commit a crime, it`s an illegal agreement. Such agreements are void and can`t be enforced in court.

2. Agreements that restrain trade: Agreements that restrict competition, prevent someone from working for a competitor, or divide territories or customers are illegal. Such agreements are illegal under antitrust laws.

3. Agreements to defraud: Agreements that are made to deceive or defraud someone are illegal. For example, if two parties agree to fake a contract to take money from a third party, it`s an illegal agreement.

4. Agreements that violate public policy: Agreements that are against public policy are illegal. For example, an agreement that violates environmental laws is illegal.

5. Agreements to engage in malicious acts: Agreements that are made to cause harm to someone are illegal. For example, if two parties agree to spread false rumors about a person, it`s an illegal agreement.

6. Agreements that are unconscionable: Agreements that are excessively unfair are illegal. For example, if a contract has an unfair term that is too one-sided, it`s an illegal agreement.

7. Agreements that are based on fraud: Agreements that are made based on fraud are illegal. For example, if a person signs a contract without knowing its contents, it`s an illegal agreement.

In conclusion, there are different types of illegal agreements. If you are entering into an agreement, it`s important to know its legality. If you are unsure about an agreement, it`s always best to seek legal advice. Remember, illegal agreements are unenforceable and can cause serious legal problems.