Concrete StructuresCategoryCovered Area Sft.Status
2 Storey Mosque, Mandi-Bahauddin.Public Place20,000.0Current
13 Storey Commercial building, 110 A-II, Gulberg-3, Lahore.Commercial61,000.0Current
15 Storey Minhaj University, Township, Lahore.Educational3025,000.0Current
11 Storey , Bagbanpura, Lahore.Commercial125000.0Current
01 Storey Shed, Near Rohi Nallaha, Lahore.Industrial9000.0Current
5 Storey Jalaluddine roomi University, Ring Road, Lahore.Educational3,50,000.0Current
2 Storey Jamia Mosque, Mardaan.Public Place20,000.0Current
7 Storey Commercial building for Amir Saeed at plot No. 90/52, Phase-8, LahoreCommercial75000.0Current
18 Storey, Tower19 at Main boulevard, Gulberg-II, Lahore.Commercial350,000.0Current
3 Storey Mosque, at Mall road, Lahore.Public Place20,000.0Current
09 Storey 9-10C, Itehad Town Raiwind Road, Lahore.Commercial30,000.0Current
Entrance Gate Victoria City Gate, Lahore.Public Place-Current
8 Storey, Commercial Building, Bubtiyan Chowk, Raiwind Road, LahoreCommercial1,23,743.00Current
12 Storey, Maria. B, Quaid e Azam Industrial State, Lahore.Commercial200,000.00 Current
04 Storey Jamia tul Rasheed, Lahore Campus, Sheikhupura Road, Lahore.Public Place2,00,000.0Current
06 Storey Educational complex, Jamia tul Rasheed, Lahore Campus, Sheikhupura Road, Lahore.Educational240,,000.0Current
26 Storey Burj One, Main Boulevard, Gulberg-III, Lahore.Commercial600,000.00Current
09 Storey Jamia-tu-Mustafa, Ferozepur Road, Lahore.Public Place600,000.00Current
10 Storey Dream Housing, Raiwind, Road, Lahore.Residential500,000.00Current
02 Storey Center of Excellence, Quid e Azam Thermal Power Plant, 1180 MW Bhikki.Public Place25,588.00Current
06 Storey Office building, Gulberg-II, Lahore.Commercial12,831.00Current
04 Storey Hotel building, Skardu.Public Place30,863.0Current
10 Storey, The LEGEND Zone 1, Plot-5-6-7-8, Park view City, Multan Road, Lahore.Commercial90,000.00Current
10 Storey, The LEGEND Zone-1, Plot-5-6-7-8, Park view City, Multan Road, Lahore.Commercial90,000.00Current
10 Storey, The LEGEND Zone 2 ,Plot-10-11-12-13, Park view City, Multan Road, Lahore.Commercial90,000.00Current
10 Storey, The LEGEND Zone 2, Plot-18, Park view City, Multan Road, Lahore.Commercial23,000.00Current
07 Storey Hostel Building, Muslim Town, Lahore. Public Place51,170.00 Current
07 Storey Community Center, Shah Jamal, Lahore. Commercial24,000.00 Current
05 Storey Neelam Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore.Commercial32,000.00 Current
TAQ HOUSE, 6F, Gulberg-II, Lahore.Commercial34,404.00Current
08 Storey Al-Sadiq Hospital & University, Lahore.Public Place90,000.00Completed
National University of Technology, Bedian road, Lahore.Public Place95214Completed
02 Storey Warehouse, Multan Road LahoreCommercial32,000,000Current
02 Storey Masjid Manoa bad, Mano Abad Public Place7,500.00Completed
03 Storey Market, Daska-Sambrial Road, SialkotCommercial37,420.00Current
02 Storey Chemical Factory, Pattoki. Commercial13,474.00Current
04 Storey Paper Storage Warehouse, Saggian, Lahore.Commercial36,000.00Current
4 storey, Gajjumatta, Lahore.Commercial90,000.0Current
4 Storey Commercial building, Gujranwala.Commercial40,000.0Current
09 Storey CENNET Apartments, Adda Plot, Raiwind, Road, Lahore.Residential700,000.00Current
18 Storey Express Mall, Murree.Commercial 1,10,000.00Current
12 Storey Spring Mountains Height Expressway Mall, Murree.Residential1,10,280.00Current
04 Storey Jamia-tul-Habib, Habiba Bab, Pattoki.Public Place93,780.00Completed
07 Storey Hassan Center, Hall Road, Lahore. Commercial92,000.00Completed
02 Storey Masjid Khatim-ul-Ambia, Sharqia Road, Rehman Abad, Bahawalpur. Public Place87,500.00Completed
03 Storey Nazir Hospital, Bedian Road, Lahore.Public Place2,20.000.00Completed
10 Storey Heaven Height, Shadman-II, Lahore.Commercial90,700.00Completed
10 Storey Mobile Center, Gulberg-II, Lahore.Commercial54,297.00Completed
02 Storey Afzal Electronics Residence, Z-block DHA Phase-3, Lahore.Residential 18,000.00Completed
03 Storey Beacon House School, Gulberg Green, Islamabad. Public Place82,049.00Completed
Regal City Entrance Gate, Faisalabad Road Sheikhupura.Public Place20,000.00Completed
10 Storey Minhaj-ul-Quran University, Township, Lahore Public Place76,850.00Completed
08 Storey Factory, Quaid-e-Azam Industrial State, Lahore.Industrial 72,128.00Completed
02 Storey Marquee, Saddar Cantt, Lahore.Public Place67,524.00Completed
02 Storey Aspire College, Fatehpur Road Mailsi, Vehari.Public Pace65,000.00Completed
06 Storey Industrial Building, 183-S Quaid-e-Azam Industrial State, Lahore. Industrial31,208.00Completed
04 Storey Industrial Building, 109/3-BM Quaid-e-Azam Industrial State, Lahore. Industrial31,208.00Completed
03 Storey Building, Rohi Nala, Lahore. Commercial26,448.00Completed
05 Storey Mrs. Morphy’s Residence, Cebu City, Philippines.Industrial 8,230.00Completed
03 Storey Kashif Embroidery, Raiwind Road, Lahore. Industrial 60,800.00Completed
07 Storey Hamza Center, Hall Road, Lahore.Commercial8,125.00Completed
07 Storey Salman Garments Center, New Anarkali, LahoreCommercial23,625.00Completed
07 Storey Khalid Pappu Center, Hall road, Lahore.Commercial18,900.00Completed
07 Mukkarma Center, Hall road, Lahore.Commercial44,100.00Completed
04 Khan Center, Abbok road, Lahore.Commercial20,700.00Completed
09 Khalid Garment Center, New Anarkali, LahoreCommercial24,300.00Completed
06 Storey Victoria park ,Mall road Lahore.Commercial8,100.00Completed
06 Storey Commercial Building, Hall road, Lahore.Commercial14,450.00Completed
03 Storey Marriage Hall, Gulshan-e-Ravi, Lahore.Public Place82,00.00Completed
05 Storey Ayesha Clinic Center, Vehari, Punjab.Public Place5,600.00Completed
07 Storey Naimal Center, Bedon Road, LahoreCommercial11,000.00Completed
22 story, Al-Hafeez Heights, Sir Syed Road, Gulburg-III, Lahore Commercial2,76,000.00Designed with Sir Noor A Chowdhary
Villa StructuresCategoryCovered Area Sft.Status
Plot 28-G, Fazaia Housing Society, LahoreResidential4730.0Current
Riaz ur rehman AssociatesResidential8765.0Current
Royal 81, Alrahim Garden Society, LahoreResidential11475Current
Mr. Farhan Alam Toor, Vehari.Residential6050.0Current
Hassan Elahi Associate, GujaratResidential2750.0Current
71-A2 P&D Society, LahoreResidential4730.0Current
76-F1, Johar Town, LahoreResidential4730.0Current
Plot 466 Sector-C, DHA Phase-06, LahoreResidential7349.0Current
Mr, Sheraz Ahmad Residence, LahoreResidential4730.0Current
Plot 224/1, Block-A, Phase-01, Lahore Cantt. Cooperative Housing Society, Lahore Residential 8190.0Current
Plot 264/1 Phase-03, DHA, LahoreResidential7011.0Current
Plot 149, Sector-X, DHA Phase-03, LahoreResidential6030.0Completed
Plot 33, Sector-Y, DHA, LahoreResidential8187.0Completed
Plot 229-P, Air Avenue DHA, Phase-08, LahoreResidential4730.0Completed
Plot 79, Street-06, Block-DD Bahria Town, LahoreResidential4500.0Completed
Plot 121, Street-03, Usman Block, Bahria Town, LahoreResidential4500.0Competed
Plot 313-C1, Gulburg-III, LahoreResidential81500.0Completed
Plot 148/E, Izmir Housing Society, LahoreResidential5625.0Completed
Fram House, Bedian Road, LahoreResidential 18000.0Completed
Plot 152/C2, Valencia Housing Society, LahoreResidential 4500.0Completed
Liaqat House, Sabzazar Housing Society, LahoreResidential 4500.0Completed
Canal View Park Housing Society, Canal Road, LahoreResidential18000.0Completed
Plot 263/U DHA Phase-08, LahoreResidential7008.0Completed
Plot 95, Block-F, DHA EME Sector, LahoreResidential14,950.0Completed
Storey Murree Restaurant, Shardah Valley, Murree.Residential9,333.0Completed
16-Makhdom Society Shaha Allaha Dita, Islamabad.Residential9,333.0Current
Plot No.135, Sector S, Phase 8, DHA, Lahore Cantt.Residential7004.0Completed
Penta Square, DHA Phase-5, Lahore.Commercial-Completed
Fatima Jinnah, hospital, Johar Town.Commercial-Completed
Oriental Mall, Islamabad.Commercial-Current
Adam Jee House, Main Boulevard, Gulberg-III, Lahore.Commercial-Completed
Crystal Mall, Osmanabad Colony, Multan, PunjabCommercial-Completed
Askari tower, D-1 Gulberg-III, Lahore.Commercial-Completed
MCB IT Center, DHA Cantt, Lahore. Commercial-Completed
MB Complex, Islamabad.Commercial-Completed
National Aerospace Science & Technology (NASTP), Kamra.Commercial-Completed
Hayatabad Sports Complex, Peshawar.Commercial-Completed
Eighteen, IslamabadCommercial-Completed
Care Hospital Nishtar-II, Multan.Commercial-Completed
Liberty Mall-1, Gulberg-III, Lahore.Commercial-Completed
Ministry of Science and Technology, Islamabad.Commercial-Completed
Grand Hyyate, Islamabad.Commercial-Completed
Mari Gas, Islamabad.Commercial-Completed
OEC Tower, Islamabad.Commercial-Completed
Mosque, Islamabad International Airport.Commercial-Completed
Mukhtar A Sheik Hospital, MultanCommercial-Completed
Zedem International, Faisal Town, Lahore.Commercial-Completed
Park Lane Plaza, Islamabad.Commercial-Completed
PKLI Hospital, DHA, Lahore.Commercial-Completed
Packages Mall, DHA, Lahore.Commercial-Completed
Chief Minister House Annexe at 3-Club Road, GOR-I, Lahore.Commercial-Started
Meezan Bank, Islamabad.Commercial-Completed
SAARC Chamber of Commerce & Industry.Commercial-Completed
Pearl Continental (PC) Hotel, Multan.Commercial-Completed
1180 MW, Quid-e-Azam Thermal Power Plant, Bhikki, Sheikhupura.Commercial-Completed
KBD Tower, Islamabad.Commercial-Completed
Strengthening & RehabilitationCategoryArea Sft.Status
12 Storey Gulmohar Trade Centre, Main Market Gulberg-II, Lahore. Commercial204,840.00Completed
07 Storey Community Center Shadman , Lahore.Public Place24,000.00Current
07-Storey Hassan Center Hall Road, lahore.Commercial92,000.00Complete
09 Khalid Garment CenterCommertial32,000.0Completed
07 Hamza Center Commercial20,000.0Completed
Neelum Block, IIlma iqbal Town, Lahore.Commercial30,000.0Corrent
05 Storey, Milli Shoes Building, Mall road, Lahore.Commercial11,225.0Completed
Steel Structures CategoryCovered Area Sft.Status
PEB Shed, Steel Structure Shed, Rahim Yar Khan.Industrial57,000.0 Completed
Cladding Supporting Steel Structure, Capital Smart City, Islamabad.Public Place- Completed
100x200, PEB SHed, C & T Depot, Peshawar Cantt.Public Place20,000.0 Completed
100x200, PEB SHed, C & T Depot, Lahore Cantt.Public Place20,000.0 Completed
1-H, Jail road, LahorePublic Place- Completed
Metro Bus System, Glass, Steel & Aluminum Design, Lahore. Public Place- Completed
Metro Orange Line, Glass, Steel & Aluminum Design, Lahore. Public Place- Completed
GO Fuel Station, M5, Sukkur.Public Place20,000.0 Completed
GO Fuel Station, Sabzazar, Lahore.Public Place21,000.0 Completed
GO Pump Canopy of Sitara Gamber, Okara.Public Place62,500,.0 Completed
GO Filling Station, Johar Town, Lahore.Public Place25,000.0 Completed
Composite Structure Spintech Packaging Ltd. Ferozepur Road, LahorePublic Place9,000.0 Completed
Go Petrol Pump, Faisal Town, Lahore.Public Place5,575.0 Completed
1180 MW, Quid-e-Azam Thermal Power Plant, Bhikki, Sheikhupura.Public Place- Completed
Skylight, Fatima Jinnah Medical Complex, Lahore.Public Place-Current
Construction SupervisionCategoryArea Sft.Status
04 Storey Jamia tul Rasheed, Lahore Campus, Sheikhupura Road, Lahore.Public Place2,00,000.00Current
12 Storey Gulmohar Trade Centre, Main Market Gulberg-II, Lahore. Commercial204,840.00Current
02 Center of Excellence, Quid e Azam Thermal Power Plant, 1180 MW Bhikki.Public Place30,000.00Current
07 Storey Hassan Center, Hall Road, Lahore. Commercial92,000.00Completed
03 Storey Nazir Hospital, Bedian Road, Lahore. Public Place2,20,000.00Completed
10 Storey Heaven Height, Shadman-II, Lahore. Commercial90,700.00Completed
10 Storey Mobile Center, Gulberg-II, Lahore. Commercial54,297.00Completed
02 Storey Afzal Electronics Residence, Z-block DHA Phase-3, Lahore.Residential 18,000.00Completed
11 Storey Goldmine, Ferozepur Road, Lahore.Commercial141,570.00Completed
11 Storey Burj Al Saeed, Ferozepur Road, Lahore. Commercial115,020.00Completed
13 Storey Liberty Gate, Tariq Road Gulberg-III, Lahore. Commercial79,080.00Completed
04 Storey Residence, Lawrence Road, Lahore. Residential20,000.00Completed
08 Storey Parking Plaza, Lakshmi Chowk, Hall Road, Lahore.Public Place17,104.00Completed
07 Storey Naimal Center, Beadon Road, Lahore.Commercial11,000.00Completed